The Victorian AMCA Nationals celebrated a successful 2015-16 season with their presentation night at the Sunbury Bowls Club on Saturday.

Congratulations to all of the award winners listed below, as well as all drivers, crew, organisers, sponsors and supporters involved in AMCA Nationals racing in Victoria, for making the 2015-16 season such a fantastic and memorable one.


Barry Reidy Memorial
Sponsored by the Reidy family
1st - ‪#‎v17‬ Jamie Mills - 480pts
2nd - ‪#‎v20‬ Mathew Mills - 431pts
3rd - ‪#‎v13‬ Bill Lodwick - 289pts

Country Cup
Sponsored by Australian Racing Products
1st - #v17 Jamie Mills - 914pts
2nd - #v20 Mathew Mills - 851pts
3rd - ‪#‎v34‬ Jamie Collins - 765pts
4th - #v13 Bill Lodwick - 727pts
5th - ‪#‎v93‬ Dean Heseltine - 611pts

Action Series
Sponsored by Burson Auto Parts
1st - #v34 Jamie Collins - 1321pts
2nd - #v17 Jamie Mills - 1187pts
3rd - #v20 Mathew Mills - 952pts
4th - ‪#‎v79‬ Tim Reidy - 805pts
5th - #v93 Dean Heseltine - 748pts

Murray Marathon
Sponsored by Pedders Caroline Springs
1st - #v34 Jamie Collins - 125pts
2nd - #v17 Jamie Mills - 120pts
3rd - #v20 Mathew Mills - 119pts
4th - #v13 Bill Lodwick - 97pts
5th - ‪#‎v24‬ Darren McCarthy - 94pts

5 AMCA Victoria

King of the Murray
Sponsored by MSDC & SHMC
1st - #v34 Jamie Collins - 439pts
2nd - #v17 Jamie Mills - 347pts
3rd - #v24 Darren McCarthy - 309pts
4th - ‪#‎v22‬ Grant Cullinger - 303pts
5th - #v20 Mathew Mills - 263pts

Victorian Overall Point Score
Sponsored by Brown Murray Real Estate
1st - #v34 Jamie Collins - 2679pts
2nd - #v17 Jamie Mills - 2051pts
3rd - #v20 Mathew Mills - 1803pts
4th - #v13 Bill Lodwick - 1296pts
5th - #v79 Tim Reidy - 1278pts

Best & Fairest
Sponsored by AMCA Nationals
1st - #v20 Mathew Mills - 24 votes
2nd - #v17 Jamie Mills- 20 votes
3rd - #v93 Dean Heseltine - 19 votes

Rookie of the Year
Sponsored by Mills Brothers Racing
1st - #v84 Keenan Casey - 403pts
2nd - #v88 Chris Halesworth - 204pts
3rd - #v83 Jaye Molloy - 42pts

Driver’s Driver
Sponsored by AMCA Nationals
#v13 Bill Lodwick

Most Improved Driver
Sponsored by Mills Brothers Racing
#v4 Sharon Tindal

Encouragement Award
Sponsored by Geelong Citrus Packers
#v66 Ben Aworth

Dedication Award
Sponsored by Mills Brothers Racing
#v2 Greg Firmin & Wendy Firmin

State Rep's Award
Sponsored by AMCA Nationals
#v77 Robyn Cullinger

Best Presented Car
Sponsored by Kouda Signs
Mills Brothers Racing

Best Presented Crew
Sponsored by Kouda Signs
#v93 Dean Heseltine

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